Frantisek Xaver Brandl

1878 - 1931

Frantisek Xaver Brandl

1878 - 1931

Antonie Matuna

1881 - 1931

Frantisek was born in Sedlec, Horovice, Czech Republic, 8 Sept 1878. 


Frantisek was part of the Hapsburg Empire (Austrian) military from 1899 to 1906.   He was stationed in Aussig (Usti nad Libem) from 1904 - 1906. Antonie was born near here and we assume it was during this period that he met and married her.  We have not been able to find a marriage for them.  Antonia, their first daughter was born nearby in Teplitz in 1905.


Frantisek and Antonie came to Canada from the Czech Republic with  their daughter Antonia and Antonie's father, sister Anna, and brother Antonin.  Their second child, Frank, was born on the way.


They entered Canada in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, 31 May 1909 but the family settled in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


Their third child, Rudolph, was born in Lethbridge, Alberta on 12 July 1912.


In 1916 Frantisek applied to farm a 1/4 section of land near Lethbridge.  Over the next 14 years he farmed and worked to improve this land, living here off and on.  The last records from 1930 show that he had paid off the land, but still owed money from a seed loan he secured in 1919.


While there is speculation surrounding the events preceding their deaths in 1931, it is apparent that Frantisek shot his wife then committed suicide.