William George Tennant and Ellen Robertson Purdie

William George Tennant

1887 - 1957

Ellen Robertson Purdie


Ellen was born on April 12, 1885 in Edinburgh, Scotland to John Purdie and Ann Cochrane.  On numerous documents throughout her life, she lists her name as Helen.


William was born on Dec 17, 1887 in Bothwick, Edinburgh, Scotland to George Tennant and Mary Robertson Duncan.


Ellen met William George Tennant and due to conflicts with the church, they decided to move to Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


William came first, arriving in Nova Scotia, Canada aboard the ship Parisian on May 7, 1910.  Ellen followed the following year, arriving in Montreal, Quebec aboard the vessel Grampian on Oct 21,1911.  She made her way to Lethbridge and they were married in Lethbridge, Alberta on Nov 25, 1911.


William was a coal miner thoughout his life.


They had two daughters, both born in Lethbridge, Alberta.

    Janet Ratery Cochrane Tennant -- Sept 5, 1914.

    Mary Robertson Duncan Tennant -- May 12, 1917


When Janet died in 1945, Ellen went to Sudbury to help move her son-in-law, Frank Brandle, and her 5 granddaughters back to Lethbridge.  Frank and his daughters lived with Ellen and William for a period of time.


Ellen died in Edmonton on July 13, 1968 while living with one of her granddaughters in Edmonton.  William died on Dec 14, 1857 in Lethbridge.


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