John Lye Gibb


John Lye Gibb
Sarah Phillips
Hannah Simmons

John Lye Gibb was born 16 Sept 1848 in South Petherton, Somerset, England to William (1823) Gibb and Isabella Lye.

John was an apprentice in his father's shoemaking shop.  He was introduced to the LDS Church by a fellow apprentice.  Here he met Sarah Phillips.  He asked her to marry him, but she refused as he wasn't a member of the church.  Some months later, he came upon an Elder preaching and threw out a challenge to read the Book of Mormon.  He purchased a book and accepted the challenge.  In 1866, he went to Edwin Frost and applied for baptism.


Sarah was the baseborn daughter of Athalia Phillips and Samuel Silcox.  Samuel died shortly after Sarah's birth.  Athalia married Henry Smith.

He married Sarah on 13 Oct 1867 in Stow.  As his father would no longer employ him, John and Sarah moved to Ireland where John opened his own shoe shop.  They left Ireland on the steamship Wyoming, and headed for Salt Lake City.

They moved to Lehi, Utah, and built a two room house.  With the concent of Sarah, he asked Hannah Simmons to marry him and John and Hannah were married 31 January 1878.

John and Sarah had 11 children.  The first four (John Lye, Isabelle Elizabeth, William Henry, and Jehzell) were born in England and Wales. The last eight (John James, Milton Herbet, Ada Jane, Sara Ann, Hebert, mary Athelia, and Ada Laura) were born in Lehi.

John and Hannah had 10 children: Joseph Franklin, Catherine, Heny Simmons, Hannah, David Thomas, Jesse, George, Fredrick Leroy, Margaret and Emma Lucy.  All were born in Lehi.


John spent time in prison for practicing polygamy.  John eventually moved both families to Southern Alberta and settled in Magrath. 


John died in 1920 in Cardston, Alberta, Canada.


The documentation below was originally created by Bruce L Gibb (John's grandson) with additional information provided by Franklin Davies (John's great grandson).

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