Samuel Geep (Gibb)

1764 - 1837

Samuel Geep (Gibb) and Ann Druce are the presumed parents of William Geep (1788).  While many source documents for Samuel and Ann exist, none have been found tying them to William.  The information was provided by Sarah Ann Gibb Fisher, William's great granddaughter.


It should be noted that there is another Samuel (1767) Geep in Merriott parish. This Samuel (1767) should not be confused with Samuel (1764). Samuel (1767) is the son of George Geep and a cousin of Samuel (1764). His documentation is provided in a separate document below.

Samuel’s family name is recorded differently throughout his life. He is christened as Samuel Geep and married as Samuel Gabe.  The christening records of his children list his and their surname as Geep. His LDS temple work was done by his descendents as Samuel Gibb.


We believe Samuel was baptised in 1764.  The source documents are almost completely faded, but with some extrapolation, it is seen.  His parents are William (1718) and Mary Rapson. 


Samuel and Ann Druce were married in the parish of Lopen on 3 October 1786.  In the marriage document, Samuel's last name is listed as Gabe.


Samuel and Ann Druce had eight children (7 documented, plus William).  Again, Samuel's and each child's last name is listed as Geep.


Samuel died in Merriott 14 May 1837.  His age at death is listed at 76.  This would make his birth year approximately 1761.


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