William Geep

1718 -

William (1718) Geep is recorded as being baptised in 1718.  A record exists for a christening on 29 Jan 1718 for a William son of William and Ann, but the family name does not appear to be any known form of Geep, Gabe or Gibb.  No other matching record was found.

William (1718) married Mary Rapson on 22 April 1744 in Merriott.  No information about Mary has been able to be found about Mary prior to her marriage.  This marriage is the oldest source document we have been able to find for this family.


William and Mary had 9 children.   George was born in 1744.  William was born in 1746.  Their next child (according the the IGI) is Ann.  She was married to a John Lawrence in 1773.  She is listed as Ann Geep at her marriage.  Their fourth child is Thomas. 


The next two daughters listed in FamilySearch, Mary and Elizabeth, were assigned to this family.   Mary married a Robert Lawrence in 1778.  Elizabeth married a Thomas Rendle, also in 1778.  Christening for both Mary and Elizabeth could not be found.   They were assigned to William (1718) and Mary based on estimated birth dates and the fact there was a gap in their children.


Their seventh child, Joseph was born in 1760.   He died the next year. Their eighth child was also named Joseph.  He was baptised in 1763.  Their ninth and last child, Samuel, was christened in 1764.


No death information for William (1718) or Mary has been found.


As no accurate birth or christening information has been found, it is impossible to verify William's (1718) parentage as listed in FamilySearch.


If anyone has any additional documentation, please let us know.

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