William Geep (Gibb)

1788 - 1855

Very little about William Geep (Gibb) has been able to be validated.  The only primary document that has been found for William is the 1841 Census.  In that census it lists a William Gibb, 50, living with Ann Gibb, 55, along with Samuel Gibb, 25, and William Gibb, 18.

Less information is known about his wife Ann.  Her approximate birth is defined by the 1841 Census.  There was also an Ann Gibb buried in Marriott in 1852.  We believe this was William's wife. 


No birth or christening record from William has been found in Marriott.  No marriage record for William and Ann has been found. 


Information about William's parents were provided by Sarah Gibb Fisher, William's great grand daughter.  The source of her information is unknown.    While a Samuel Geep of the right age has been found and linked to William, no census or birth records have been found validating this, even though the rest of Samuel and Ann's family has been found.


The birth records of their children list the family surname as Geep.  The original documentation for William's (1823) baptism is provided on his page.  Two of his siblings (Robert and Ann) were christened at the same time.

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