Letitia Davies


Letitia was born in Upton Magna, Shropshire on 13 Nov 1786 to William and Margaret Davies.  She was the fourth of six children.

When Letitia was about eighteen, she hired out as a servant girl to Catherine Stewart.  She became pregant by Mrs. Stewart's younger brother, Frances Forrester.  The child was given to John and Sarah Duckett and named John Duckett.

Letitia's second son was named Thomas Davies (1812).  The Bastardy Bonds showed that the father's name was Thomas Lloyd of Rodington, not a Thomas F or Richard Davies as was believed by his descendants.

Letitia had four more children, but only two of them lived to maturity.  Each child is listed or implied as being born to a single woman.

Letitia died in 1866 in Shrewbury.

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