Mary Phyllis Fisher

1902 - 1980

Mary Phyllis was born 28 January 1902 in Magrath, Alberta, Canada to Franklin Peirce Fisher and Sara Ann Gibb. She is the oldest of the 14 children, 12 of whom lived to adulthood.  She had eight children of her own.  All lived to adulthood. These facts are important to understand who Mary Phyllis Fisher Davies really is.

When she was young, she contracted Rheumatic fever and this weakened her heart. The doctors warned her not to have children because of it. She spent several years recovering at home and did not return to school until in her teens.  After having several children she went to a doctor, who x-rayed her heart and said the heart was not bleeding and the muscles had grown strong with time.

At the age of 8, Phyllis moved to Hillspring Alberta, where she grew up. On the 14 of October 1925, she married Lorenzo Snow Davies in the Cardston Temple.   She raised the oldest 6 of her children in Hillspring. In 1954, four of the oldest six children were married within a year, and  at the age of 52 she moved to an irrigation farm in Bow Island, Alberta,  with the youngest two children, Frank and Lloyd. Here they farmed 120 acres of irrigated land and operated a dairy farm.   When the two younger boys left home, they moved to Leavitt to live with their youngest daughter for a year, and then moved to Cardston where they served in the Cardston temple until they both passed away. Phyllis passed away 6 August 1980 in Cardston at the age of 78.   

In its simplicity, Phyllis’ life was one of being a “care giver” to others. First, to the massive set of siblings who followed her, and then to her own eight children and pampered husband. She was always thinking about how she could bless the lives of all her children, church sisters, and neighbors.

Phyllis loved the Lord, His church, and the people in it. She served faithfully in many callings in the church for years.  If the early pioneers suffered trials because of the harshness of their circumstances, Phyllis willingly suffered the same physical trials and hardships to provide for her children.  She sacrificed everything she owned:  her mind, her energy, her strength, her money, her food, and her love for her family and friends. Her desires in life were that her children be honest, good, and faithful to God.


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