Franklin Peirce Fisher

1882 - 1962

Franklin Peirce Fisher


Sarah Ann Gibb

1881 - 1958

Franklin Peirce Fisher was born July 4, 1882 in East Mill Creek, Utah to James Madison Fisher Jr. and Mary Mineva Neff.  


In March of 1899, he left Utah for the North West Territories of Canada (Southern Alberta). He was among the first of the pioneers to go to go there.


At 18, he returned to Utah with Sarah Ann Gibb and they were married on Jan 16, 1901 in the Salt Lake Temple.


He returned to Canada and settled in Magrath , Alberta.  His first child, Mary Phyllis Fisher was born on Jan 20, 1902. Thirteen additional children followed, with last being born in 1928.


In the spring of 1910, the family move to the newly surveyed town of Hill Spring, Alberta, Canada at the head of the Unit Irrigation District. Located on the LDS Cochrane Church Ranch.


In the spring of 1910 on July 12 the LDS Ward was organized. President Wood and his assistant were present. At that time there was only one house on the town site. It was owned by Carl Tanner and at the meeting those present found seats on nail kegs and planks. The officers chosen were F. P. Fisher Bishop, Thomas Davies 1st Counselor, and Carl Tanner 2nd Counselor and Alix Leishman ward Clerk.


F. Peirce was ordained a Patriarch on April 18, 1925 by Joseph Fielding Smith at Cardston, Alberta , Canada. He served in this office until his death in 1962, a period of 28 years.

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