Samuel Ward Silcox

1825 - 1846

Family tradition has long asserted that a Samuel Silcox is the biological father of Sarah Ann Phillips. We believe this is correct as we have birth and death records of her children that show that she herself considered her maiden name to be both Phillips and Silcox. Examples are shown in documentation below. The death certificates of Sarah and her children also show the family considers her maiden name as Phillip, Silcox and Smith.

Sarah Ann Phillips was born 29 September 1845, in Lower Machen, Monmouthshire Wales.

Her biological father, Samuel Silcox, died in what is known as the “Risca Black Pit Mine Explosion”. This mine accident occurred 14 January 1846, 4 months after her birth.  The purpose of the article below is to present a series of circumstantial events that suggest who this man is and who his family might be.

While circumstantial, we believe we have found who he is. 

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